Thursday, May 16

The best experiences on the Riviera

Rich English aristocrats, Russian Tsars, and American magnates all visited the beautiful coastal cities in the South of France over the course of several hundred years. The original Riviera has a lot of beach clubs, restaurants with great food, beautiful beaches, and stunning landscapes. Find out here why you should visit the south of France.

Iles de Lérins

The Lérins Islands are right next to the busy city of Cannes. Between the two big islands, the water is so clear that you should anchor a boat there for the day. Even if you don’t own a boat, you can still rent one in Cannes. On the islands, there is a monastery that is great for exploring in the morning, a world-famous beach club called la Guérite that you can only get to by boat, and a lavender field that is typical of Provence.


St. Tropez & the beach clubs.

The beach clubs of St. Tropez, like the world-famous Nikki Beach and the lively Bagatelle, don’t need to be introduced. Pampelonne’s mile-long beach has some of the best white sands on the Riviera and turquoise waters that are perfect for getting to Club 55 by boat, which is one of the most popular beach restaurants on the French Riviera.

Casino in Monte Carlo

The Casino in Monte Carlo is still one of the most famous buildings in Europe. With its Belle Epoque style and some of the highest stakes in the world, the Casino takes you back to a time when rich aristocrats would travel all the way to Monaco to gamble. You can go to the Bar Américain in the Hotel de Paris for a drink and live music after making a small fortune playing.

Villas from the past in Cap Ferrat

Some of the richest families in the world live in Cap Ferrat, and the real estate prices reflect that. The price per square meter in this small cap is second only to Monaco, and it keeps going up every year. St. Jean Cap Ferrat is one of the most sought-after places in the world by the rich and famous because there aren’t many villas there, it’s in a great spot, and there’s only one road in and out. One of the best examples is the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, which is now a museum.

Some of the best things to do in the world can be found on the French Riviera. You can drive supercars along the coast, take a boat ride through turquoise waters, eat at the tables of the world’s best chefs, or gamble in a Casino that has been around for hundreds of years.