Saturday, April 20

Essential Tips for Night Snorkeling


Snorkeling is considered to be a life-changing experience. Floating weightless in water is relaxing and awe-inspiring while viewing the beautiful marine life and bright corals. Snorkeling at night is a different experience than daytime. Before one heads out for kona manta ray night snorkel activity, vital aspects must be considered.

Utilizing a tour guide

There is so much activity that goes around at night under the sea. Using a tour guide, one doesn’t have to miss anything and enjoys the best possible experience. There are several reasons why hiring a tour guide is the best choice.

  •   Disorientation is rapid at night. This is especially true for those experiencing snorkeling for the first time. Even if one is experienced, things can be challenging. The usual indications might not work out at night. Thus, having a guide is the safest option.
  •   There is so much to see and experience. Getting overwhelmed is also natural. Furthermore, there is also a possibility that one might miss out on some spectacular visions. Having an experienced guide can help one look for directions where he/she can have the best visual treats.
  •   A guide can provide snorkeling gear and tools at a more discounted price than renting them. Furthermore, they also keep a boat ready to take people to the best snorkeling locations.

Using the right light

To have the best experience, one must use the flashlight correctly. Since the bright corals and marine lives are nocturnal plants and animals, it is suggested not to point flashlights directly at them. Instead, sweeping the light toward the ocean floor or alongside the coral rocks and coral reefs is recommended. This offers a better and more efficient lighting environment to enjoy the underwater beauty without disrupting the plants and animals.

When one heads out for kona manta ray night snorkel, he/she must turn on the flashlight before going under the water. It is not suggested to enter the water in the dark and fumble to switch on the light. Moreover, it is also suggested to check the battery and determine whether the flashlight is operational.

Clicking pictures

Clicking pictures or recording a video while snorkeling is an important activity. One has to understand that photography underwater at night is different from that during the day. It demands delicacy, but when executed correctly, one will be surprised by the unbelievable colors and shots that even the sunlight fails to render.

No special camera is needed, and one can utilize regular dive cameras. Using the flash is not recommended as it renders a white spot which completely ruins the image. Water reflects light, and the moon’s lighting can create wonders for photography while snorkeling.

Communication is key

Most divers and snorkelers are taught to use hand signals to communicate. But, at night, executing hand signals might not be the best option. It is the source of light that one is carrying that becomes the primary communication tool. While considering the kona manta ray night snorkel activity, one must establish a well-defined plan with his/her friends and guide regarding the communication plan they will use during the underwater activity. It is a vital part of the snorkeling activity that must be initiated before diving.

People make use of multiple signal options while snorkeling at night. Some point the flashlight on the palm and use signals so others can have a clear view of the same. This is a good option only when the companion is close enough to look at the palm. A few make use of the flashlight to create signals. Individuals planning to undertake night snorkeling must practice the signaling way before they set in.


Before considering kona manta ray night snorkel activity, one has to understand that night snorkeling has several challenges and unique requirements. Like day snorkeling, night snorkel activity is challenging to determine directions without visual cues. Adhering to the tips mentioned above at night helps people to experience underwater coral and marine life better, safer, and more effectively. Moreover, it is recommended that individuals focus on what’s in front of them instead of looking around while snorkeling at night.