Thursday, May 16

Campervan for Traveling in New Zealand

Driving with a campervan is one of the popular ways to explore New Zealand. Drive with a campervan, giving you the freedom to stop as often as possible and enjoy stunning views of New Zealand according to your time. Besides that, you do not need to bother looking for lodging because you can spend the night on Campervan. If you are using Campervan for the first time to get around, of course, this will be a new thing and an unforgettable experience. However, there is something you need to prepare before using campervan to get around.

Campervans in New Zealand

Prepare all that is related to driving

Before driving a campervan in New Zealand, make sure you are already skilled at driving and already have a valid English-language international driving license. If your driving license is not in English, it needs to be translated into accurate English. The translation must be done by a translator authorized by the NZ Transport Agency; or diplomatic representatives in high commissions, embassies, and consulates; or the office that issued your driving license.

Choose a vehicle according to your needs

Many vehicle companies rent out campervan. In choosing a campervan to adjust to the facilities and needs. A campervan is usually equipped with a bed that can be filled by 2 to 6 people. If you want comfort like at home when on the road, choose Campervan which has a stove facility, refrigerator, bed linen, TV, shower and toilet.

Understand and Obey Traffic Regulations in New Zealand

Get to know and understand first about traffic rules in New Zealand before you get around exploring New Zealand. Especially when driving a campervan, its size is longer and also the width of an ordinary vehicle requires you to be more careful in driving. Always driving on the left side of the road. If you find beautiful scenery, you should not stop carelessly because the lookout point has been provided.

Maintaining Cleanliness of the Neighborhood When Camping

Take responsibility for your garbage wherever you camp, including waste. Don’t litter or leave remnants. Also, pay attention to the location for overnight because each area in New Zealand has different regulations regarding camping locations that are allowed.

Buy a Campervan

However, if you are planning to stay in New Zealand for a long period of time, you can buy self-contained campervans for sale for yourself. In addition to not needing to settle in a place like a hotel or a homestay that costs quite a lot, you can move – move places to your liking. A campervan is indeed very friendly with the traveler who wants to bring all his personal equipment wherever it is. Even the whole house can be taken using campervan. You can feel that you are like a person who is truly free wherever you want. But of course, the thing to consider with this campervan is good and regular maintenance. Do not get disturbed by damage to the engine or channel that is leaking on the campervan due to poor maintenance on your campervan. It is all in your hands.