Thursday, May 16

4 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific

Asia is definitely one of the most fascinating places for a travel adventure; it’s full of rich cultures that are truly worth exploring. Hong Kong is arguably one of the most popular destinations in the region. From the abundant exotic vegetation to its captivating concrete jungles, HK is surely a place that checks the boxes for a lot of travelers.

One of the most loveable things about Hong Kong is the numerous flight connections available. This makes it easily accessible from virtually any part of the world. What’s more, Cathay Pacific offers direct flights from Vancouver to Hong Kong; this actually makes it a lot easier for people in North America to tour the stunning country.

Although Hong Kong is somewhat small when compared to other cities such as Tokyo, one can still be overwhelmed due to the high population prevalent in the country. In this article, you’ll get to know some of the most valuable tips that promise to make your trip a lot smoother.

Familiarize Yourself with the Region

Before rushing through the idea of traveling to HK, take some time to familiarize yourself with this region. You’ll definitely make the most out of your trip if you know about the different aspects of this country. For starters, HK has two sides namely Kowloon and the Hong Kong Island sides. There’s no side that’s more rewarding than the other; each one has its own trick up its sleeve. Within your course of touring one of the two regions, you’ll also want to explore the other side of Hong Kong. You can easily achieve this by commuting using a taxi, the MTR, or a scenic ferry ride.

Harness The Power of the Octopus Card

The transport system of Hong Kong is very sophisticated yet not complicated. In fact, it truly sets the pace for other countries when it comes to public transportation; a good example is their ingenious Octopus Card. The card efficiently allows you to commute the MTR system. It’s a prepaid card that allows its user to simply tap when using the MTR as opposed to paying every time you ride. Using the Octopus Card will surely help you to save a lot of money on your trip. Another added bonus of using it is that the card also allows you to make purchases in various stores and shopping centers around the city. If you need to top up your card, you can do this conveniently at any Circle K or 7-Eleven stores.

Hong Kong Taxi Cards App

Even though Hong Kong is very advanced when compared to its Asian counterparts, it still has a select group of people who can’t communicate well in English. The local taxi drivers happen to be one of these groups. It’s highly likely that you’ll use taxis while touring HK; therefore, it’s important to determine how you’ll overcome this hurdle beforehand. Thankfully, the Hong Kong Taxi Cards App is there to help you surmount the language barrier. Before traveling to HK, you should consider downloading the app as it’ll easily translate your message into Cantonese. This can really give you peace of mind thereby eliminating the fear of getting lost in a foreign land.

Unpredictable Weather

Lastly, a factor that should also be on your radar when planning your trip to Hong Kong is the weather. The region is very prone to unexpected precipitation; ergo, to avoid having an awful experience, ensure you carry a small umbrella everywhere you go. If you’ll be carrying a backpack during your excursions, you should also carry a small rain shield for your bag to avoid damaging your equipment such as cameras, laptops, etc.


The list of things you should do before making your trip to HK is quite extensive. Still, the points mentioned above serve as the most significant ones. Implementing them would definitely be a wise thing to do as they’d make your stay in Hong Kong pleasurable.